Kortel Kuik II

The Kortel Kuik II is a unique product....a modular harness that works!

The basic core is expensive....but amazingly comfortable and well thought out. To that you can add a range of modular systems, all different!

Core is 1.5kg to 1.8kg.

A Krashbox module, with underseat reserve and fantastic back protection. 270.00 1.7kg

A reversable Sac module, rucsack and airbag in one. Needs a front mount reverse system. 315 1.95kg

A Mousse module. A really neat slim pocket and mousse bag pocket. As close as you can get to the original Kuik. 225 1.2kg

A race module. Turns the Kuik II into a race pod....more details soon!

S+W Verdict:
"A quality bit of kit (as ever from Kortel) with built in flexibilty to offer something for everyone."

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Kortel Kuik II

Kortel Kuik II

Kortel Kuik II
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