Advance Compress Bag

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ADVANCE introduces a compression bag so that the paraglider can be efficiently packed in the rucksack. The COMPRESSBAG replaces the usual inner bag and is ideal for keeping the pack volume down. Compact stowing makes a rucksack much more comfortable to carry.

We stock 3 models:

Compress Bag: 2 sizes, s/m and l. Regular material in black/yellow.

Compress Bag Light: 2 sizes s/m and l. Lighter and smaller (most go for the L). Comes standard with the Advance Lightness 2. Blue and black.

Compress Bag Pi: 2 sizes s/m and l. Really small and light, the s/m comes with the Pi2 19. Ideal for mini wings and ultralight wings. Black and yellow



S+W Verdict:

“Been using a couple for a year or so now, usually with a lightweight concertina bag too, it’s amazing how much smaller you can pack down to. It’s winner for lakes carries!”

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 2 cm


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