Zoot Headsets

Clear Comms For Everyone!



The Zoot Headset is an exellent product. Comes well packaged with all the instructions for fitting most helmets. Clear, reliable comms!

2 types: Open face with a flexible boom mic, and full face.

2 Versions: Alinco/Icom and Kenwood/Boafang.


S+W Verdict:

“Great piece of kit, with options to suit just about everyone!”

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 5 cm

kenwood/boafang, alinco/icom

1 review for Zoot Headsets

  1. Noel Holland

    These headsets and really very good, specially with the decent mike boom for open face helmets.
    There is one niggle though but its easily fixed. The plastic used to fix the boom arm to the Velcro pad is too smooth and reacts badly with the glue used on the Velcro supplied causing the Velcro to keep coming unstuck. The solution is to rub the glue off the back then stick the Velcro tab to the base of the boom arm mount using superglue. Problem solved.
    For the ear pieces I removed them from the foam protectors provided by Zoot, cut a small slit in the ear pads of my helmet and just slid the ear pieces into place. A bit of black gaffer tape inside the helmet to tidy away the cabling and make sure the connector sits correctly and its sorted.

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